Allergy Testing

Natural wheat breadAllergy / Intolerance testing  is conducted by using a Vegatest.  This is an alternative electrical method of testing for food and chemical sensitivity.  Bringing a substance to which there is a sensitivity, within a centimetre of the body, can facilitate a small but measurable change in the body's energy field.

It is a one-off treatment using the body's vibrations to identify any intolerances to specific types of food.  The test includes over 60 foods and substances that can result in potential problems such as IBS, skin problems, migraines, bloating, PMT and arthritis, etc.  A test is also carried out to check for any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals which are often the reason for tiredness and lethargy.

The procedure of the Vegatest  

The test is performed painlessly by simply holding a metal rod in one hand and gently stroking a finger on the other hand with a light pen.  The procedure is suitable for all ages even the very young. 

What happens next? 

You will immediately be given written results and advice will be given with regard to diet (including advice on what you can eat).    




 Val Hurren has qualifications in nutrition, anatomy and physiology and allergy testing, having trained with The Allergy Testing Service, Noma Homeopathy and the British School of Yoga.  She works at a number of clinics across the North West and The Lake District.

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