Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and manual treatment concerning the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues of the body.

Disturbance to our body mechanics due to injury, wear and tear, stress, poor posture or other causes can lead not only to aches and pains, but to poor function of our internal organs, and a potentially wide range of disease states. I use osteopathy - a hands on therapy to help prevent and treat injuries and to allow the different systems of the body to be free to function properly.

Shirley Kay treating a patient with Osteopathy

What to expect

On a patient's first visit a detailed case history will be taken including details of general health and past illnesses and accidents. This helps to build a picture of the patient's present over-all condition. A physical examination will follow which may require the patient to remove outer clothing. This allows the osteopath to look at over-all posture and pay attention to the whole body, rather than just the part which is apparently troublesome. All this information helps the osteopath come to a diagnosis and to form a treatment plan to suit the needs of the individual.


Treatment involves the use of a broad range of techniques from massage and stretching of tissues, rhythmic joint movements and specific manipulation to the subtler, ‘light touch’ work of cranial osteopathy, which uses very gentle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses throughout the body.

Common problems helped

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Frozen shoulder / Tennis elbow
  • Sciatica and other trapped nerves
  • Muscle and joint pain/stiffness
  • Postural strain
  • M.E./chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Repetitive strain / sports injuries
  • Degenerative conditions / arthritis
  • Baby, infant and childhood conditions
  • Care during and after pregnancy 


Initial consultation £55 (1 hour)
Subsequent treatments: £42 (1/2 hour)
Children £30 (1/2 hour)


Shirley Kay is a registered osteopath and naturopath.

Rob Day is a registered osteopath.

Dianne Henderson is a registered osteopath.


Lower and Upper back pain

Initially I began treatment with Shirley about 5 years ago for lower back pain which, after regular weekly treatment’s healed. I have continued my treatment more recently after being in an accident where I damaged my neck, shoulder and lower back. Shirley’s treatment and care extends beyond the time spent with her each week as she offers me practical advice, help and support for the time in-between appointments which I feel aids my healing process. I always leave her treatment room feeling positive and confident that my injuries are improving.

 I would highly recommend Shirley Kay to any potential client suffering from chronic back pain or other comparable conditions. I am sure they would find her treatment very effective just as I have done.

 Kate Litster, Wirral

 Chronic back and leg pain

I have suffered from a back problem for many years, which resulted in having surgery to my back 5 years ago.  Unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful and left me with continued back problems and nerve damage to my left leg.  Shirley was recommended to me from a family friend and I first saw her June 2012.  Following my initial assessment and treatment, Shirley recommended a gentle exercise regime to facilitate my sessions with her.  I have received regular sessions with Shirley, and six months on from that initial assessment my back pain has improved immensely and I am much more active than I have been in years.  The nerve damage to my left leg has also improved.  Shirley’s has a professional and gentle manner, and her knowledge and holistic approach has provided me with the tools to treat other ailments and to promote my well-being.  N Davies, Prestatyn

 Chronic lower back problem

I suffer from a chronic lower back condition and have been a patient at The Osteopathy and Natural Health Clinic for 10 years.  Shirley treats me on a regular ‘maintenance basis’ with a combination of both structural and cranial osteopathy, as well as prescribed daily exercises and associated lifestyle advice.  I feel that I am treated holistically; with care, dignity and respect as a human being who has individual needs.  I have no hesitation in recommending Shirley Kay as a professional, skilled and experienced health care professional.   Mr Michael Graves, Wirral

Chronic lower back and pelvic pain

I became aware of osteopathy from recommendation, since having treatment from Shirley I now strongly recommend it. I had a very difficult second pregnancy, with severe SPD which resulted in me being in a wheelchair for the last 3 weeks of the pregnancy. After the birth of my second son my back and pelvis instantly improved and I regained some of my strength and decided to try to return to work as a dance lecturer / ballet teacher after 6 months.
After the initial few weeks of teaching it became evident that my back and pelvis were not ready for me to return to the level of teaching I had previously been able to accomplish. It was at this time that I decided to start treatment with Shirley. Initially I was having treatment every week as I was in severe pain and my mobility was reduced. Along with the treatment from Shirley and working alongside my Pilates instructor, I slowly started to become pain free and see the benefits of the treatment. Deep stretches and strengthening exercises became crucial to my rehabilitation as well as working independently to regain my fitness.
I continue to see Shirley as part of my general "maintenance" and I look forward to knowing that after my therapy I will leave feeling very relaxed, revived and rejuvenated. I am now back to teaching fully and am able to demonstrate more than I ever envisaged I would be able to do, given how I was 19 moths ago.   
Anna, Dance lecturer and former professional dancer, Wirral.

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