Stress Management

Stress can build up in different parts of the bodySTRESS MANAGEMENT

The term "STRESS" refers to any reaction to a physical or mental stimulus that requires an "ALTERATION"  from the way we would normally function, think or feel.

WORRY of any kind produces STRESS.  It can result fom many situations, both physical and psychological.  Pressure at work or home, noise, crowds, lack of sleep, money worries, physical or mental challenges, to name but a few.

Stress can cause many changes mentally and physically.  Some examples are:

Fatigue                   Irritability
Memory Loss          Low Self-esteem
Tooth-grinding         Shallow Breathing
Body Tightness       Physical pain in different parts of the body.

A state of continual stress can eventually wear out the body and mind to a high degree.

During a STRESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION,  you and I will look at where you are in your Life at the present moment, and in which areas you are spending your Life energy, both positive and negative.

You and I will then discuss how much energy you would like to realistically put into those different areas in your Life going forward and how you can gently start making the positive changes. 

This includes looking at exercise, fun time, self-improvement time, family time, work time and what your eating schedule is like.

Cost of an hours session is 40 pounds

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Serena Crawford





I have been a Therapist in the Natural Health Field for 35 years and have been fortunate to have had varied roles, from Therapeutic Therapist,  Lecturer, College Principal and International Examiner and therefore have had a wide range of experiences and STRESSES, both professionally and personally.  These experiences, together with my relevant qualifications,  help me to understand and  assist my clients.

See also pages for 'Therapeutic Aromatherapy' and 'Therapeutic Reflexology' on this website.

I am registered and insured with the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


It is important to choose a qualified Therapist, who has undertaken the necessary long term training to understand the theory and practical aspects of Stress Management.

By choosing a Therapist who is an FHT member, you can be confident that I am professionally trained, qualified and insured. 

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